Monday, May 9, 2011

Jo Anna + Joe - Engagement Session Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Jo Anna & Joe were referred to us by Alfy, a close friend of Miyan's.  When Jo Anna had called me for the first time, I swore that from the way she spoke, I thought she WAS Alfy.  For any of you that know Alfy, she's a pretty cool and fun person, so I already knew we'd get along just fine!!  After I got off the phone with Jo Anna, I called Miyan and told her, "love, she's exactly like Alfy!!  You're gonna love this girl!"  And the rest they say is.....

We took their engagement shoot in Monterey.  I ADORE Monterey for its scenery, good food, and of course, the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Oh, and one more thing, the Monterey Plaza Hotel is the bomb, for real!!  If you ever stay in Monterey, stay there!  It's realllllly nice!

As photographers, we do our best to tell the stories of our clients and to portray their personalities through our photos.  We have the greatest job in the world in meeting down-to-earth people and capturing but just a glimpse of their lives through our images.  With Jo Anna and Joe, you can feel the freshness, the bliss, the FUN, and the rawness of emotion of two people that are about to get married soon.  For me, it takes me back to how I was feeling leading up to the day of our own wedding.  Definitely a time that I will forever cherish.

We can't wait for your wedding, guys!  It's going to be off the chain!!  Congratulations and we'll see you both really soon!

Enjoy the teasers!

Jeff & Miyan