Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Introducing Baby Julian! - San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

We took Regina and Harold's maternity/family photos back in July, so we definitely felt privileged and honored to be able to take a few photos of the newest addition to their family, Julian!  

We LOVE the fact that we're able to grow with our clients.  Just hearing news from our clients about getting pregnant after shooting their wedding, or to do repeat sessions with past clients to realize how much their kids have grown since the last shoot, it's one of the biggest reasons why we LOVE to do what we do.  Life is a gift, and these milestones we experience are once-in-a-lifetime blessings.

Here are some of Julian's photos with Regina.  Enjoy!

Jeff & Marianne

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Alyssa Pre-Cotillion Session - San Francisco Bay Area Event Photographer

Alyssa was one of those people, that upon meeting her, you want to be her friend.  When we met her and her parents during the initial consultation, we just knew we wanted to work with her and her family!  Really good people and a good vibe makes for great images.  

Some of you have noticed that we've already done a few pre-cotillion sessions, and if you've just stumbled upon our blog, a cotillion, in relation to Filipino culture, is where the birthday girl is presented to the community as a woman upon her 18th birthday.  

Here are a few photos from her pre-cotillion/Senior photo session with us.

Happy Birthday, Alyssa!!!  Can't wait to capture your cotillion this Saturday!


Jeff & Marianne

Friday, December 9, 2011

Trina & Juan Maternity Session Preview | San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photographer

It was a beautiful day out in San Francisco in late October.  It was warm, the ocean air was fresh, and the sun was out at the Sutro Baths.

Here are a few of the photos from Trina and Juan's maternity session.  They just had their baby a few weeks ago.  Congratulations you two!!  We can't wait to meet baby Georgia!


Jeff & Marianne

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Patacsil Family Previews | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

Maria was referred to us by her sister Gigi, who actually was on our blog two days ago.  We did their family session at the San Francisco Botanical Garden, which offered many different backdrops, complete with a theme from a particular country (you'd have one section called "Australia" and another one called "Switzerland a couple of yards away).  Needless to say, Marianne and I were pretty excited to do their shoot here, as we love new locations we never shot before.

Here are a few previews from their family session!  Enjoy!

Jeff & Marianne

I just love Jess' facial expression here....grrrrrrrrrrr!

Who doesn't love taking photos of their kids?  Maynard is no exception - he loves to take photos of his family everywhere they go.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Villanueva Family Preview | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

This year has definitely been a year of change and growth!  A lot of friends having babies for the first time, getting married, or adding another addition to the family.

We had the opportunity to capture the Villanueva family again this year.  Gigi and Randy are good friends of mine, and it's a joy to watch those two grow as a couple and as a family.  Last year, we did their family session when it was just the 3 of them.  With the welcomed addition of Lucas, Cruz is now a kuya, Gigi and Randy have two little troublemakers, I mean boys, to raise, and life is good in the Villanueva household!

Enjoy the previews!

Jeff & Marianne

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jenn & Chris Plus 6 Preview | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

We love it when we're able to watch our clients grow!  Back in July, we did Jenn's maternity session just a few days before baby Maddie came into the world.  Now, we had the opportunity to capture the entire family with the newest addition to the family.

Here's a preview of their family session we did back in October.  You'll see in the next few photos, the kids had their Halloween costumes on!

Jeff & Marianne

Introducing Maddie....as a cupcake.