Sunday, August 28, 2011

Alfy & Oz - Couple Session Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Photographer

I know we've been a little MIA with the blog!!  As most of you may know, we've been a bit busy lately, but please know that we're constantly working hard on getting your photos out as quickly as possible (while keeping our sanity). =)

So last month, we did a couple shoot with Alfy & Oz around the Embarcadero and ferry building in San Francisco.  They're actually good friends of ours and volunteered to help us practice our craft.

We're dead serious about our photography - to be great at this, you have to practice, practice, practice, just like anything else.  Marianne and I utilized some new techniques in lighting during this session; tried different angles, made mistakes along the way, but definitely learned a lot.  You just can't "practice" during an actual, paid shoot - it just doesn't work.

Well, here are the previews from their couples session!  Enjoy!!

Jeff & Marianne

Alfy & Oz - we owe you sooooo much!!  Thank you so much for helping us out - we're truly blessed to have great friends like you that believe in our vision.  We are forever grateful!  Love you guys!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Madalyn's 1st Birthday Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Event Photographer

The Waxman family was THE first family we ever shot, so it was extremely gratifying to have been invited by the Waxmans for Madalyn's 1st birthday!  Their family session isn't up on the blog, but you can check out some of their photos on our website under the "Family" gallery.  The whole time we were there, Marianne and I felt so amazed at how Madalyn had grown since we last saw her.

Here are a few photos from her birthday.  Enjoy the teasers!

Jeff & Marianne

Are you sensing a "Lady Bug" theme yet?  =)

It's summertime, we're out at the park, with a grill - It's oyster time, baby!

Ali's family was visiting from New York for Maddy's birthday.

Ali's dad got jokes!  Could you tell? lol  I've said this before in previous posts, but it's always great seeing the family dynamic play out during our shooting sessions.

Here, the image on the top left - we shot the Bullard family the day after Christmas, so it was cool getting to see Monica again (minus the mudfight - that session is posted under our Albums on our Facebook fanpage).  Ali's facial expression here cracks me up!

What's a 1st birthday party without a grand entrance????  Maddy came in style - yup, she rolled in on a ladybug tricycle!  She is officially the coolest 1-year old I know!!!

It's cake smash tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!!!

After a hard day's work smashing some cake, I like chugging down a bottle of milk....

Ali and Larry, thank you so much for inviting us to Maddy's birthday!  It was great seeing you two again and capturing the love of your lives, Maddy, in all her ladybug glory. =) 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jenn's Maternity Session - Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photographer

When I first contacted Jenn during our pre-consult, what started as a normal inquiry got interesting when she told me when she was due:

Me:  Congratulations!  When are you expecting???

Jenn:  Next week!

Me:  What??!??!?  

Jenn:  Yeah, I know I've been lagging on it!

It was pretty funny, to say the least!  She told me that if she was going to go into labor during our shoot, she'd take us along with her to the delivery room!  Hmmmmmm....forget maternity sessions.  How about Delivery Sessions???  Now that would be some serious emotion capture right there! lol

Obviously, this preview is coming right after Jenn had her baby.  Jenn, congratulations again to you and Chris!  Can't wait to meet her. =)

Enjoy the teasers!

Jeff & Marianne

J:  I had proposed to Jenn to do her maternity session during the later part of the day - the lighting is just SO perfect and the colors really come out in the images.  The warmth of the setting sun adds a pretty interesting tone to the look - a photographer's dream!

J:  Jenn and Chris decided to do their maternity session without the kids - they both have kids from previous marriages.  This is their first child together, so we really wanted to capture their love for one another and the beauty of having the "first" as they get ready for another important chapter in their lives.

M: Can anyone guess who took these shots?? ;) For someone that was due in a week -- WOW!! Jenn you are gorgeous!!!

M: I love seeing the love!! The look between the two of them says it all.

M: Jenn and Chris thank you for letting us capture this special moment. We can't wait to meet the little one and the rest of the girls during your fall family session. ♥m

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Wolfords' Day at the Zoo Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

The Wolfords were one of the first families that we shot when we first started, so it's definitely a treat for me to be able to capture this family again.  This time around, Vangie wanted to have it done at the Oakland Zoo!!!  This place brings back memories!!

Here are a few photos from their session.  Enjoy the teasers!


This particular area is one of those areas that is forever embedded into my mind - when I was a kid, my parents took a photo of me in front of this same fence.  I gotta find that photo and post it here one day.

I loooove Parker's face when he's drinking out the fountain. Priceless.

Lee calls Sammy the "pretty boy" of the bunch.  He's definitely a handsome lil' dude.  

Matthew - this boy is the daredevil of the family - he has no fear!

How the triplets have grown since I've last saw them!  Maria is such the "mom's helper."  She was put in charge of holding her brothers' hands and keeping them together at the zoo.  Maria's favorite saying of the day - "C'mon boys!"

Vangie and Lee (well, more like Vangie) wanted to take a few "couple" photos - definitely a bit different without the kids and quite hilarious actually!  Vangie and Lee kept laughing the whole time!

Here's a few photos of Susan (Vangie's sister) and her daughters, Celina and Abigail.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Norma + Lenin - Engagement Session Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Norma and Lenin definitely had their love for the Bay (for those of you who are non-California residents, that's the San Francisco Bay Area).  When we had our initial consult, we found out that they were huge Giants fans (Marianne's eyes lit up when she found this out, to which I replied, "Well, I'm an A's fan," to which Norma replied, "Not everyone's perfect!" lol).  From that point, I knew we'd work just fine together.

Here are some of the photos from their engagement session.  Enjoy the teasers!

Jeff & Marianne

If anyone knows about the weather in San Francisco, they'll tell you that it's pretty unpredictable.  For the past few weeks, we've been having BEAUTIFUL weather in the Bay.  We hoped that it wouldn't be foggy in the city, and it wasn't!  Here are a few images near AT&T Park:

So during our initial consult, we found out that they were big on Coke.  They love Coke, but there's a huge reason behind it.  After they first met at a mutual friend's birthday party (in which they both weren't supposed to go), Lenin asked her out, but she initially said, "no."  However, her conscience got a hold of her and she changed her mind.  When Lenin arrived on their first date, he brought a six-pack of Coke.  Some guys bring flowers, some guys don't even bring anything for their dates (cuz they're broke), but Lenin knew what she loved, and the rest is history...

Catching the beautiful sun set over the Golden Gate Bridge....a great reminder why I love the Bay!  I could stare at this photo all day, seriously.