Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maria & Rebel - Mom & Me | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

Up next on the blog -- Maria and Rebel's Mom & Me photo session!

Maria happens to be my go-to make-up artist for Simpy Fabulous and I've been encouraging her to step in front of the camera. So when she finally told me she was ready and willing to do a photoshoot with her son I was ecstatic! Here are some of our favorites from their 2-part Mom & Me session!

xoxo marianne & jeff

So there's a reason why we had to do a 2 part photo session.  Our first attempt took place at Central Park in San Mateo and let me tell you it was freeeeeeezing! Poor Rebel, his teeth was chattering, but he was a real trooper and stuck it out as long as he could.

Btw, we LOVED his skull tie!  When he got to the park it was the first thing he showed us!

On their way to have a picnic ....

This has got to be one of my personal favorites. It just makes me smile. =)

The 2nd half of the shoot took place at the Wilhelmina Garden in Golden Gate Park. We were lucky to have blue skies and a little bit of sun.  It was still a little windy since we were close to the beach, but at least Rebel's teeth wasn't chattering this time around.

What kid doesn't love bubbles?!

It made me smile watching him catch the bubbles - something so simple, but yet so memorable.

Ok so this was probably Rebel's favorite part -- cupcakes!!

Rebel & Rebel Bear ♥

Maria thanks again for being so patient afer having to reschedule so many times due to the weather. Anytime you want to step in front of the camera let me know. ;) Oh and if anyone out there is looking for a fabulous make-up artist please contact Maria and I promise you'll be happy with the results.