Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eddie, Kiley, & Evan - Family Session Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

We shot Eddie, Kiley, & Evan's family photos back in December in Old Sacramento - it was rainy and everything was decorated for the holiday season.  Kiley wanted to get some summer photos of the family in Pt. Reyes.  For those of that have never been there, Pt. Reyes is beautiful!  Tons of places you can go to explore.  Kiley knows that place like the back of her hand.  The whole time we were there, she kept telling us bits and pieces of the area - so much so, that Marianne and I are planning to come back on our own and explore!

Below are the teasers from their family session.  Enjoy!

Jeff & Marianne

Okay, so what's a photo session with Eddie without a pest intervention?  Right after we start shooting, Kiley noticed a caterpillar on Eddie's shoulder.  Oh, and about the T-rex's cameo here?  Well, Evan LOVES dinosaurs.  According to Eddie, he knows his dinos VERY well.  Can't fool the little guy with an Allosaurus and pass it off as T-rex.  Ask Eddie.  

After we got the caterpillar off Eddie and it fell to the ground, Evan decided that T-rex was  Please note: no animals were harmed in the shooting of this family session (seriously).

Love, love, love precious moments like this...

There were a few sailboats that day at Pt. Reyes that caught Evan's attention.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jen's Bridal Tea Party Preview - San Francisco Bay Area Event Photographer

I always tell brides to enjoy every moment up to the wedding, because it all goes by so quickly. Every event that's planned -- finding your dress, cake tasting, taking your engagement photos, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party -- those are just a few of the moments that lead up to the big day.  Those are also the moments I love to capture.

I was honored to cover Jen's Bridal Tea Party that took place at The English Rose in Pleasanton. It was such a cute place and the perfect spot for a bridal tea party. The ladies all looked gorgeous and were lots of fun to hang out with. So please enjoy the sneak peek from the event! 

xoxo Marianne  

I loved the vintage feel of the place. 
Everything was so girly and it set the stage perfectly for an afternoon of tea.

The ladies looked gorgeous in their hats! 
It really complimented the look and feel of the place.

I think by far my favorite hat was the one Jen's sister, Jaime, was wearing. 
It slightly covered one eye to make her even more alluring. 

Drink your tea with your pinkie up, because "it's a graceful way to avoid spills" 
(or so I've read on What' hehe)

Did I mention that I was in "detail" heaven at this place?? 
There were so many cute things to take photos of. 

Now, I thought this was the best idea ever -- 
all the ladies signed a mini teapot for the bride-to-be!

This place had tons of cutesy accessories, including a teapot purse!  

The next 2 photos are my personal favorites of the beautiful bride-to-be. 
It shows what's to come for her actual wedding day and 
you can only imagine how even more gorgeous she'll be on that day.

Group shot with all the ladies! I had such a fantastic time with them. They were all very welcoming and made me feel like a guest the entire time. Thank you ladies!! 
Jen thank you again for inviting me to cover one of the special moments leading up to your big day. You looked absolutely fabulous and I can't wait for your big day! ♥m 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Regina - Maternity/Family Session Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photographer

Regina is expecting!!!  When we were approached by Harold and Regina to do her maternity session, they really wanted to incorporate the rest of the kids into the shoot.  This usually is the case, as they are as much part of the pregnancy and the welcoming unit for the newest addition-to-be.  It's such an exciting time for a family, with the upcoming changes ahead for the parents and children, that it's natural for our maternity sessions to be family sessions as well.

Congratulations Regina and Harold!!!  Enjoy the teasers!

Jeff & Marianne  

We took the Yabut family to Coyote Point in San Mateo.  It was pretty sunny that day with a lot of families out having picnics.  We were fortunate to find a spot with hardly anyone around near the marina.

When I first met Harold and Regina, the one thing that really stood out for me was their pronounced love for each other.  It's very apparent but yet intangible - though you can definitely feel it.  

We walk over to this tree, and the next thing you know, Harold Jr. wanted to climb up.  Of course, being the younger brother and sister, Jaden and Leila wanted to follow suit.  As all young boys do, Harold Jr. wanted to keep climbing higher and higher.  Dad almost lost it!

And here's the beautiful Regina.....

So on our way to our cars so that we could switch locations, Harold Sr., Jr., and Jaden saw these posts and decided to do their own version of Karate Kid.  I guess Harold was Mr. Miyagi, just not sure who was Daniel-san lol.  Even Leila got in on the action!

With family shoots, Marianne and I always joke around about the "20 minute" time limit we have with kids.  That's all we have - 20 minutes - after that, they are DONE.  At this point, they needed a break and so we found a play area for them to let loose.  I think Harold needed to let loose too.

When we saw Regina wearing her flowing, white dress, we knew that we had to get some shots of her by the water.  The blueness of the sky, the color of the rocks by the water, made it perfect.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jaymee - The Down-to-Earth Diva Debutante - Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Event Photographer

J:  During our initial client meetings, we always ask our prospective clients what they are looking for in a photographer.  Jaymee's response??

Jaymee:  "I like how you use shallow depth of field...." (smile)

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????  Marianne and I just looked at each other, and we KNEW, right then and there, we were going to LOVE this girl.  It's not something a prospective client would ever say, or even know about, unless they are educated in photography.

We were hired by Jaymee's family to cover her cotillion in August.  For those of you not familiar, a cotillion or  debutante ball is traditionally done when a girl turns 18 to present her as a young woman to the community. 

The following teaser photos are from her pre-cotillion photo shoot we did recently.  We wanted to portray Jaymee's personality, story, and style; I mean, you only turn 18 once and it's not everyday a girl gets to have a cotillion, right?  Enjoy!

Jeff & Marianne

M: What can I say?? I ♥ this girl!! She was so much fun to work with and just as the title reads, Jaymee is the "down-to-earth" diva! She can play sports and put her game face on. So we thought why not start her shoot at a local softball field, because softball is a part of who she is. 

M: Did I mention this girl loves anything to do with nails?? And yes, she did her nails herself!

J:  While I was adjusting my lighting and taking test shots, Jaymee would make funny faces at the camera!  When I look at these first 2 images, it makes me laugh.  And oh, the one on the bottom is the final image.

M: Jaymee is such a character. The images on the left and right were taken as I was adjusting my lighting. The one in the center was the final shot!

M: She has such a contagious smile. You can't help but laugh and smile with her.

M: So after the softball field, we headed to another location to show her "diva" side!

M: We ended the shoot back at her house. I mentioned earlier that she loves anything nails and I had to get shots of her nail polish collection. She had every color you can imagine!!

M: As we were packing up Jaymee's mom told us all about her accomplishments. Jaymee is an all-star! Look at this medal collection -- one word --- WOW!!!

M: Jeff and I had so much fun on this shoot. Jaymee is an all around sweet girl, super talented, and you can't help but fall in love with her. Oh and I thought it was cute that during the shoot she told me, "All my life I've wanted a photoshoot!" Well Jaymee, hopefully, we've made your first photoshoot experience a fabulous one. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Jessica - Maternity Session Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photographer

Jessica was such a pleasure to shoot with!  With the changes and growth of Delumpa Photography, we wanted to do this maternity session a little differently than what we've done before.  To add to it, we didn't realize that Jessica was going to have her hair and make-up styled for her shoot until a few days before, so the look went perfectly with what we're aiming for and the new direction we're taking our photography to.

Jessica - you are THE best!  Thank you for putting up with the cold and for being patient with us!  We wish you nothing but the best with your soon-to-be baby boy.  Can't wait to meet him!!

Here are the teasers from the maternity session somewhere in Half Moon Bay.  Enjoy!!

Jeff & Marianne

Did you know that grass can hurt you? lol  Jessica and Marianne were such great sports for getting this shot done.  They got the wrath of sharp grass piercing their feet because they had flip-flops on.  Ouch!

Marianne was in love with her eyes, as you could tell. As she would say, "she's gorgeous!"