Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beverly & George's Engagement Session | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Beverly and George wanted their engagement session in the beautiful Napa Valley - the rolling hills and rustic structures of the breathtaking winery landscape combined with the newness of downtown Napa symbolizes their relationship nicely - their 10 year relationship has blossomed into a beautiful family with two kids, but you can sense the excitement of two people who are very much in love with each other that are about to tie the knot!

Here are a few of their photos from their engagement session.  Enjoy!

Jeff & Marianne

Before we left to go to downtown Napa for the rest of the session, we stopped by an awesome dandelion field to take a few photos.  I was pretty hyped up about shooting here, however, I spotted a few bees buzzing around, as did Beverly, and she turned around and started walking very quickly back to the car!  I'm not gonna lie, I hate bees too. ;)

Bev:  "The bees might think I'm a flower because of what I'm wearing!"

George: "What?  We're supposed to get the shot no matter what!"

Bev:  (walking very quickly back to the car)

Jeff:  (SMILE)

Bev & George - thank you so much for a great time in Napa!  See you two in a few months when you tie the knot!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Cheryl & Chris Engagement Session | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

When we think of Cheryl & Chris, yes, they're sweet together, but they're also a really silly couple. The best thing about their silliness - they don't have one care in the world; it's just the two of them enjoying each other's company.  You'll see for yourself in the next few photos!


Jeff & Marianne

The first stop of their engagement session was the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  This is a place they love to visit and just hang out together. Plus, they loved the architecture!  [side note -For those of you that haven't been here, it's a cool place to hang out and enjoy some of the local businesses in the Bay Area.]  

Can't go wrong with Blue Bottle Coffee - one of their favorites!

We never expect any of our couples to be professional models so we like to coach them throughout the session. Well as we were coaching Cheryl a few times Chris was feeling a little left out. Nice leg pop Chris!! :)

Our next stop was Twin Peaks -- with awesome views of the north side of San Francisco towards the Bay Bridge.  Yes, it's very picturesque, but Chris & Cheryl added their own spin to it! This is when the real silliness began. Our personal fave -- them behind the concrete wall with just the top of their heads peeking out and Chris holding up peace signs.  HILARIOUS!

Our final stop for their engagement session was the West Portal Lutheran gym. Ok, for those of you that know them know they are competitive ballers!! Before they started dating, they used to play 1-on-1, but we mean, serious 1-on-1 hoops.  We didn't know the extent of how serious or good they were until we did this part of the session.  The whole time, we're just thinking, "WOW."

Cheryl and Chris: We had a great time shooting your engagement photos. We can't wait for your wedding in a few weeks! -- m&j

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