Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Minjares Girls - San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

During our pre-shoot consult, Miguel had explained to me that his girls "don't take good pictures."  I asked him why, and all he could say is that their smiles "just don't look right."  Hmmmmm....was this going to be a challenge...???

....not really!  The instant we started shooting, Mariah, Miranda, and Quinn were laughing and giggling and were having the best time, and so were we!  The whole time we were shooting, I kept asking myself, "how do these adorable kids not take good pictures?"  They were an absolute joy to be around...we could've kept shooting all day, seriously!

Here are a few photos from their shoot this past May at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek.  Enjoy!

Jeff & Marianne

Part of a successful family session is understanding the family dynamic.  We found out going into the session that Mariah definitely took on the "oldest sister" role - she looks out for her sisters, helps them out, etc.  What we also found out, was that she loves making her sisters laugh!  When we started the session, she kept giggling, probably out of nervousness, so we asked the other sisters to just look at her and they all just started to crack up!  Laughter is contagious, and it is our best friend during our sessions.

Miguel, it was an absolute pleasure shooting your girls!  Next time, we hope to get you in the photos, too!

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