Thursday, October 6, 2011

Charito Soriano - Passion. Neo-Soul. Bubbles. Artist. - San Francisco Bay Area Photographer

There's something about Charito Soriano that drew myself and Marianne to her - I'm not sure if it's her sultry, neo-soul style, or her honesty, or her down-to-earthiness, but she definitely has that personality that wants you to know more about her...

Here are the teasers from her photo shoot!  Enjoy!

Jeff & Marianne

What really struck me about her is her humble digs.  She lives in a cottage tucked away in a part of the Bay Area that you would have never thought existed.  Her place evokes inspiration, thoughts, feelings - everything that a singer/songwriter could ever ask for.  

Upstairs in the bedroom, there is a HUGE glass window/ceiling.  She was describing how her mornings would be - waking up to the sun, the trees, the sky, and even sometimes, racoons that would be chillin on the window!  Umm, one word - COOL.

A true singer/songwriter - she writes about anything and everything.  Doodles.  Drawing and writing inspiration.

A good artist is one that has talent and can perform technically well.  A great artist is one that has talent, but sings from that "place," whether it be pain, happiness, joy, etc.  When she sang this song, it gave me goosegumps.  You can feel HER.

If anyone has watched her perform, she LOVES bubbles.  She even keeps a bottle of it in her car!  She says bubbles are actually living things - although they have a short life span, they're tangible, they move, they float in the air in which ever direction they please with grace.  

LOVE!  She definitely has her own style.

A bit of her sultry side....

To find out more about Charito Soriano and to hear her music, check her out on  She's also performing TONIGHT at Club Fox in Redwood City from 8pm-11pm.  Tickets are only $20 at the door!!  

Charito, THANK YOU so much for welcoming us into your home and to capture you.  You are one down-to-earth lady!!  Marianne and I support you and wish you nothing but success.  Do you. =)  

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