Saturday, September 24, 2011

This journey, our passion - San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

A few months back, we asked if any couples wanted to volunteer for a practice session with myself and Marianne.  Practice makes better, and we want more than anything else to improve our craft.  We absolutely LOVE what we do, and we know that to get to full-time status will take a lot of hardwork, sacrifice, and making a lot of mistakes.  

Jeanette & Mike, and Melissa & Anthony were gracious enough to help us!  You see, we wanted the premise of our shoot to be sort of like an after-wedding session in the city, so we asked them to dress up in their wedding attire (yes, that meant the wedding gown).  

Jeanette & Melissa - thank YOU so much for braving the cold and for dressing up for us!!  This session helped us out SO much. Mike & Anthony - we know your wives jumped at the chance to help us, so thank you for volunteering with them!

Here a few teasers from the session!

Jeff & Marianne

Jeanette & Mike - they actually had their 4-year wedding anniversary two days ago!  Congrats you two!

Melissa & Anthony

I made myself pretty uncomfortable in this shoot (and trust me, I felt REALLY uncomfortable) - I tried a few new things, some new poses, and used multiple flash set-ups, so a lot of the shots didn't turn as well as I wanted them to or how I envisioned them in my mind.  If you don't get uncomfortable, there's no growth.  And yes, I'm NOT afraid to talk about that here - this blog is a record of our journey!  Even though this past year has been a successful one for us, we strongly believe in pushing ourselves to get better.

Okay, before you go to the next image, if you don't know Jeanette & Melissa, they are pretty close friends.  So I wanted to take a shot of both of them in their wedding gowns!!

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