Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fabiola + Andrew Wedding Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

When I think of Half-Moon Bay, I think of the ocean, sailboats, beach, and the wood buildings with faded paint, and good sea-food.  When Faby and Andrew chose to have their wedding here, it was definitely "them" - it was simple & intimate.  And to add the surrounding ocean and feel of Half-Moon Bay, it made it the perfect day for them.

Here are the teasers from their special day!  Enjoy!

Jeff & Marianne

For later in the evening....

Andrew's father's friend was the officiant for the ceremony.  I think whenever anyone has someone like a family friend preside over the ceremony, it definitely makes it very personal and adds to the intimacy of the day.  He definitely made Andrew, Faby, and the guests laugh and smile a few times!

Andrew's father and sister both gave speeches during the reception.  I felt it was very touching for them to speak of Faby and to welcome her and her family into theirs.  Andrew's father spoke of the love that Andrew has for Faby, and of how his son's face would light up whenever he spoke of her.

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