Friday, June 3, 2011

Donaville Family - San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

We love the Donaville Family!  Part of the reason why we love shooting families is that we get to see how everyone interacts with each other – there’s something about genuine love, humor, sibling quarrels, and mom and dad yelling at the kids that you can only get with a family. 

We shot the Donavilles back in January (they were actually our first shoot of 2011!) but Tenisha wanted to get the family dressed up with a classy feel to their photos.  Soooo, that took us to the Palace of Fine Art in San Francisco!  This location is really popular for weddings and engagement sessions, and if you haven’t been here, you should check it out!

Here are the teaser photos from their shoot!  Enjoy!

Jeff & Marianne

Aiden and Cristian were so much fun!  Marianne even let them take a few shots with her camera!  Future photographers??? hmmmmmm...=)

Here is lil Miss Aja!  This beautiful girl had tourists stopping her just to say "hi" and even wanted to take pictures of her.  Yes, she is that adorable!

One of my faves!!!  You could imagine what she's saying/doing here...

Tenisha and the kids...

As Marianne said, "she's gorgeous!"

Tony lookin smooth..

I have a feeling Aiden will be involved in the performing arts/working with people because his personality is to die for and is hard to ignore!

We just found out that Cristian was cast as "the Emperor" in the play, "The Nightingale."  Congrats!!  

Okay, as we mentioned in previous blog posts, family shoots, especially with kids involved, takes A LOT of patience.  You just have to wait for the right moment.  With Aja, she hardly left her parents' side during the shoot.  This was one of those rare moments where she wasn't with her dad and mom and caught her smiling for the camera!  This was definitely a "hi-five" moment for us.  This is the shot that Marianne got:

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