Monday, June 27, 2011

I ♥ San Diego!!!

Hi everyone!! This is Marianne and as promised (although a day late), a blog about the trip I took earlier this month to San Diego. For those of you that don't know me as well, I absolutely ♥ San Diego! I always said, if I were to move outside of the Bay Area it would be to SD. Just ask Jeff, everytime we visit I always ask him, "Can we move here, please?????" He laughs, but agrees that SD would be the only other city he'd be willing to move to.

So, as I mentioned on Saturday's blog my trip there was primarily to attend a photography workshop to learn the art of boudoir photography.  However, it wasn't all business as I managed to squeeze in some fun time. The best part - my hubby got to come along for a few days!!! I thought I'd share a few highlights from my trip -- enjoy the the photos!!

This was the first time I've ever been to Coronado.
We decided to blindly explore and we ended up at the Coronado Ferry Landing.

Our next stop was Balboa Park. This place is HUGE and I wish we had more time to explore, but oh well that just means we have to come back. ;)  Oh and did I mention there were TONS of people having photoshoots that day, everything from engagement to family to senior portraits. I guess it's the "go-to" spot for location shoots. lol

One of the reasons I love SD so much is the friends I have down there.
Chelle and Jon -- thanks again for keeping me company on my last day. Oh and also for modeling. lol

I was super lucky I got to stay with my bestie from high school.
To the Steffy's thank you for letting me stay at Casa de Steffy! I always love spending time with you all.  On my last night, I went to dinner with Zon and her son B.  As soon as I whipped out the camera, he said, "no no noooooooo." lol Yes, B had to put up with auntie all week trying to get photos of him, but can you blame me, look how cute he is!  By the way, we ate at Phil's BBQ.  It was my first time there and YES everyone's right this place is yummmmmmm!!! 

Here's my other obsession -- kids and their kicks!
You'll see in most (if not all) of the family shoots we do I always get a photo of the shoes.

I want to announce that SIMPLY FABULOUS BOUDOIR will officially be launched this week! The new blog site address will be
In the mean time, here's a sneak peek for what's to come!! ;)

Stay Fabulous!! ♥M

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