Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jo Anna + Joe Wedding Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

First off, we're super excited because this is our first co-blog!! Second of all, we can't wait to show off our latest preview!! When we shot Jo Anna & Joe's engagement session back in April, we loved every second of it!  We knew their wedding was going to be fun!  They're both very loving, down-to-earth, and easy going people. So with that said, here's how we saw their special day unfold .... enjoy the preview!!!

♥ Jeff and Miyan

J: As some of you may know, Joe is a manager at 24-hour fitness.  At this moment, his manager side kicked into full gear and he gave his groomsmen a pep talk.  I swear I thought I was sitting in a sales meeting ready to sell some memberships.

M: The silhouette portrait is one of my favorites! Jo Anna you are absolutely gorgeous!!!

J: The ceremony was at St. Luke's in Stockton, a Catholic church.  Being Catholic ourselves, we adore the Catholic ceremony for its meaning, symbolism, and sacredness.

J: The first look!  Nowadays, some couples decide to forego the first time they see each other at the ceremony for a first look at each other before the ceremony.  What's most important about this is that it gives the bride and groom an opportunity to have a MOMENT with each other.  Once that ceremony starts, it's nonstop - one thing after another.  So it's nice to have a private moment with your wife/husband to-be, even if it's just for 5 minutes.

And Joe was so ready...

Some couples cry, but here, it was just pure joy...

M: The 10 minute kiss!!! lol Ok maybe I exaggerated a bit, but these two made sure they kissed!!!

J: Did I already mention that they were FUN?  The couple even had a dance battle, groom and groomsmen vs. bride and bridesmaids to help kick start their reception! Ca-raaaazy!!

The groomsmen pulled out their secret weapon:  Quinton!!  This kid is a showstopper!

J: Jo Anna and her bridesmaids had the Soulja Boy on lock....

M: As soon as the venue coordinator, Shelby, gave us the green light to use the piano I knew we had to get a shot with her laying on top of the piano. I was super excited, because we got to use lighting techniques that we've learned from workshops we've attended. You'll definitely see more shots like this in the future!

M: Jo Anna and Joe, thank you again for trusting us to capture your special day. Congrats newlyweds!!! 

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