Sunday, May 20, 2012

Srey Family Session | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

Hello, hello! Sorry for the delays with the blog, buuuuuut I am happy to announce that with school being officially done for me I have a little more time to help Jeff(erson) with the blog. =)

Ok so without further delay -- We'd like everyone to meet the SREY FAMILY!!! They wanted family photos with a different feel, as they've taken family photos in the park before. This time around they wanted a more urban feel to their photos. So we suggested Berkeley as the backdrop and this family was down to make the drive from Stockton to make it happen. We had such a great time -- from Woody's relaxed vibe, to Jackie's super mom ability, to 3 boys with the most personality ever -- it made for a fantastic afternoon. 

Enjoy the photos!

xoxo marianne & jeff

When I said the boys had personality I specifically meant these two -- Quinton and Preston  had us on our toes and we had to be ready to catch them at any given moment.

Now the youngest, Peyton is still a baby and was chillin.. Wait til he's a little older and I'm sure he'll be running with the other boys. We can't wait for what his personality will bring.

Jackie and Woody -  we give you props for keeping up with your trio. You two are awesome parents!!

Preston definitely acts like the younger brother - he wants to do what big brother does.  When Quinton wants to rock out, he'll rock out.  When Quinton wants to be silly, he'll be silly.  It's what brothers do. :)

Srey Family, we enjoyed spending the afternoon with you!   Thanks for making the drive from Stockton and giving us the privilege of capturing your lovely family. -- ♥m&j

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