Thursday, May 17, 2012

Leanne's Pre-cotillion Session | San Francisco Bay Area Cotillion Photographer

Leanne was referred to us by one of her closest friends, Alyssa, who's cotillion we photographed this past December.  Needless to say, we were excited about capturing Leanne's cotillion and have grown a tremendous liking to shooting debutantes and high school seniors because they are so much......wait for it...


When he had met Leanne and her parents, we grew a quick liking to her - she's very mature, possesses poise, she's intelligent, family-oriented, and loves fashion.  In fact, she's attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising this Summer in LA to pursue her dreams in the fashion world.

Here are a few of her photos from her pre-cotillion session we shot back in February. 


Jeff & Marianne

One thing about Leanne, she's a HUGE Disney fanatic (and so are we).  She described herself as being able to relate to Rapunzel from "Tangled" and wanted to show a little bit of her whimsical, colorful side.

Leanne collects a lot of fashion magazines, in particular, Teen Vogue.  She loves getting glammed up, and dreams of someday working in the big city in the fashion industry.

One of our FAVES.  Don't know if she knows this, but Leanne stopped traffic while we did this shot. lol

As we mentioned earlier, Leanne is very family-oriented.  This image is one of our favorites - it wasn't about lighting, composition, posing, etc...this one was all about FAMILY and LOVE.

Leanne, Mary Jane, and Roger - Thank you guys so much for giving us the opportunity to work with you!  Mary Jane & Roger - you two are blessed to have an awesome daughter!  We can't wait until next month to capture the cotillion.  See you guys soon!

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