Friday, February 24, 2012

Alyssa's Cotillion | San Francisco Bay Area Event Photographer

Turning 18 only happens once in a lifetime and we were honored to capture Alyssa's special day. We first introduced Alyssa back in December when we posted her pre-cotillion/senior photo session. She's an absolute doll and we can't say enough about her family and friends. She definitely surrounds herself around good people. Alyssa's debut was perfect for a princess and she looked exquisite in her gown. 

Please check out some of our favorites from that night and leave us a comment or two if you'd like! 


Getting ready with help from mom. I absolutely love mother-daughter moments like this. It makes my heart smile. :)

Alyssa was always ready for the camera. I was trying to sneak a candid past her, but didn't happen. lol

Super cute sparkly heels and tiara to match!

Here are a few of the portraits we captured before the party began --

Alyssa -- gorgeous as always!! 

Photos with the Grand Court --

Details from her party and the candy bar she had set up was so yummmm!!

If I had to pick a highlight from Alyssa's cotillion I'd have to say the father-daughter dance ranks pretty high on the moments list. Now only did it start off with lots of emotion, but then the true father-daughter personalities came out. Keep scrolling down and you'll see what I mean.

Heyyyyy!!! I told you - PERSONALITY!!! I absolutely loved it and yes they did the robot. AWESOME!!

The Grand Waltz! This is the moment these kids practice countless hours for and they did an ahh-mazing job.

Another sweet moment - Alyssa being serenaded by her mom.

Ok so another moment that topped the list that night was a special video made for Alyssa by her brother Alan. Unfortunately Alan couldn't be there that night, but he sent her a special video from overseas. Just look at those reactions!

18 Roses and 18 Candles --

A personal greeting from Alyssa's brother Adrian. His speech was very personal and touching.

Mom and dad looked so proud as they watched Alyssa give her special thanks that night.
Gigi and Cesar you've been blessed with such a wonderful daughter and we were humbled to be chosen to capture her special day. Thanks again!! m&j

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