Friday, September 2, 2011

Jen + Albert - Engagement Session Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Things always have a way of working out, and we really don't believe it's coincidence that we met Jen & Albert.  Without getting into too much detail, we were referred to them by a friend of mine, a fellow photographer, who couldn't take their wedding since he was already booked (THANKS JASON!!).  

Upon our initial consultation, Marianne and I were amazed at how well we were able to connect with them on many different levels.  Most notably, we had one crazy thing in common, which I won't get into, that really got to Marianne and I.  That's between us. ;)

Here are the teasers from their engagement session in downtown San Francisco.  Enjoy!

Jeff & Marianne

Jen & Albert's story is a trip!  They met at a retreat, however, the 1st time they crossed paths, Jen took notice of Albert but was told that he was already taken.  So she left it alone.

At the same retreat the following year, this time, Albert took notice of Jen and asked one of his friends to hook him up with her.  Timing is everything.  And the rest, they say is....

We really stress the importance of the relationship between ourselves and our clients, especially our couples, since we're responsible for capturing their special day.  By having that connection, we just aren't the hired "help" or the person that's just there to document the day.  It's like, we'd do anything for a good friend, and if your friend wanted you to photograph their wedding, you'd have a deep-rooted, vested interest to do your absolute best for them.

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