Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jaymee's Debutante Ball - Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Event Photographer

A cotillion or debutante ball is traditionally done when a girl turns 18 to present her as a young woman to the community.  This was definitely Jaymee's special day.  To be surrounded by great friends, family, and guests, there's nothing like it.  It's as close to an actual wedding as it'll get.

The day was pretty emotional to say the least.  From a parents' standpoint - having to reflect back on the past 18 years from the first day of holding your daughter in your arms to watching her grow up to a beautiful young lady, it brings a wide range of feelings and memories to the surface.  From a teenager's standpoint, it's time to party and have fun!!

Here are Jaymee's cotillion teasers!!  Enjoy!!

Jeff & Marianne

Glittery silver Toms??  Yes, those were her dancing shoes. =)

Maine had Jaymee at a very young age.  She was telling us at the end of the night how lucky she was to have Jaymee as a daughter, and how she never caused her any problems.  If any of you read our blog on her pre-cotillion session, she has definitely accomplished a lot during her years in high school and is very multi-talented.  A few weeks ago, Jaymee just started college at San Jose State.

The reception took place at the historic Del Monte Building in Sunnyvale.  The venue was beautifully decorated to reflect a masquerade ball theme.  Marianne and I LOVED it, especially with the personal touches that each table had.  Each table was labelled "Jaymee at 1, Jaymee at 2, etc." accompanied by a photo of her at that age.

The 18 candles are presented by the special women in Jaymee's life.  The first candle was her mom.

Each candle was presented with a personal story of Jaymee.  Mhalu shared a very personal story with the guests in attendance, and she even had a surprise for Jaymee which got a good laugh (you had to be there to get it)! =)

"Happy Birthday to you....."

The first rose of 18 roses, with her dad, Shawn.

Jaymee, thank you again for choosing us to capture your special day!  We had a LOT of fun with you and look forward to watching you continue to succeed and grow in life.  

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