Friday, August 5, 2011

The Wolfords' Day at the Zoo Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

The Wolfords were one of the first families that we shot when we first started, so it's definitely a treat for me to be able to capture this family again.  This time around, Vangie wanted to have it done at the Oakland Zoo!!!  This place brings back memories!!

Here are a few photos from their session.  Enjoy the teasers!


This particular area is one of those areas that is forever embedded into my mind - when I was a kid, my parents took a photo of me in front of this same fence.  I gotta find that photo and post it here one day.

I loooove Parker's face when he's drinking out the fountain. Priceless.

Lee calls Sammy the "pretty boy" of the bunch.  He's definitely a handsome lil' dude.  

Matthew - this boy is the daredevil of the family - he has no fear!

How the triplets have grown since I've last saw them!  Maria is such the "mom's helper."  She was put in charge of holding her brothers' hands and keeping them together at the zoo.  Maria's favorite saying of the day - "C'mon boys!"

Vangie and Lee (well, more like Vangie) wanted to take a few "couple" photos - definitely a bit different without the kids and quite hilarious actually!  Vangie and Lee kept laughing the whole time!

Here's a few photos of Susan (Vangie's sister) and her daughters, Celina and Abigail.

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