Monday, August 15, 2011

Madalyn's 1st Birthday Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Event Photographer

The Waxman family was THE first family we ever shot, so it was extremely gratifying to have been invited by the Waxmans for Madalyn's 1st birthday!  Their family session isn't up on the blog, but you can check out some of their photos on our website under the "Family" gallery.  The whole time we were there, Marianne and I felt so amazed at how Madalyn had grown since we last saw her.

Here are a few photos from her birthday.  Enjoy the teasers!

Jeff & Marianne

Are you sensing a "Lady Bug" theme yet?  =)

It's summertime, we're out at the park, with a grill - It's oyster time, baby!

Ali's family was visiting from New York for Maddy's birthday.

Ali's dad got jokes!  Could you tell? lol  I've said this before in previous posts, but it's always great seeing the family dynamic play out during our shooting sessions.

Here, the image on the top left - we shot the Bullard family the day after Christmas, so it was cool getting to see Monica again (minus the mudfight - that session is posted under our Albums on our Facebook fanpage).  Ali's facial expression here cracks me up!

What's a 1st birthday party without a grand entrance????  Maddy came in style - yup, she rolled in on a ladybug tricycle!  She is officially the coolest 1-year old I know!!!

It's cake smash tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!!!

After a hard day's work smashing some cake, I like chugging down a bottle of milk....

Ali and Larry, thank you so much for inviting us to Maddy's birthday!  It was great seeing you two again and capturing the love of your lives, Maddy, in all her ladybug glory. =) 


  1. Quite impressed with this amazing birthday party eve. Planning a bridal shower for my sister in law at one of the lavish San Francisco venues next month. Hunting for some renowned caterers and sweet providers. Will go for red theme decoration. Will order her favorite velvet cake too. Hope she likes the party and enjoy with her near dear ones.