Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jen's Bridal Tea Party Preview - San Francisco Bay Area Event Photographer

I always tell brides to enjoy every moment up to the wedding, because it all goes by so quickly. Every event that's planned -- finding your dress, cake tasting, taking your engagement photos, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party -- those are just a few of the moments that lead up to the big day.  Those are also the moments I love to capture.

I was honored to cover Jen's Bridal Tea Party that took place at The English Rose in Pleasanton. It was such a cute place and the perfect spot for a bridal tea party. The ladies all looked gorgeous and were lots of fun to hang out with. So please enjoy the sneak peek from the event! 

xoxo Marianne  

I loved the vintage feel of the place. 
Everything was so girly and it set the stage perfectly for an afternoon of tea.

The ladies looked gorgeous in their hats! 
It really complimented the look and feel of the place.

I think by far my favorite hat was the one Jen's sister, Jaime, was wearing. 
It slightly covered one eye to make her even more alluring. 

Drink your tea with your pinkie up, because "it's a graceful way to avoid spills" 
(or so I've read on What' hehe)

Did I mention that I was in "detail" heaven at this place?? 
There were so many cute things to take photos of. 

Now, I thought this was the best idea ever -- 
all the ladies signed a mini teapot for the bride-to-be!

This place had tons of cutesy accessories, including a teapot purse!  

The next 2 photos are my personal favorites of the beautiful bride-to-be. 
It shows what's to come for her actual wedding day and 
you can only imagine how even more gorgeous she'll be on that day.

Group shot with all the ladies! I had such a fantastic time with them. They were all very welcoming and made me feel like a guest the entire time. Thank you ladies!! 
Jen thank you again for inviting me to cover one of the special moments leading up to your big day. You looked absolutely fabulous and I can't wait for your big day! ♥m 

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