Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jaymee - The Down-to-Earth Diva Debutante - Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Event Photographer

J:  During our initial client meetings, we always ask our prospective clients what they are looking for in a photographer.  Jaymee's response??

Jaymee:  "I like how you use shallow depth of field...." (smile)

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????  Marianne and I just looked at each other, and we KNEW, right then and there, we were going to LOVE this girl.  It's not something a prospective client would ever say, or even know about, unless they are educated in photography.

We were hired by Jaymee's family to cover her cotillion in August.  For those of you not familiar, a cotillion or  debutante ball is traditionally done when a girl turns 18 to present her as a young woman to the community. 

The following teaser photos are from her pre-cotillion photo shoot we did recently.  We wanted to portray Jaymee's personality, story, and style; I mean, you only turn 18 once and it's not everyday a girl gets to have a cotillion, right?  Enjoy!

Jeff & Marianne

M: What can I say?? I ♥ this girl!! She was so much fun to work with and just as the title reads, Jaymee is the "down-to-earth" diva! She can play sports and put her game face on. So we thought why not start her shoot at a local softball field, because softball is a part of who she is. 

M: Did I mention this girl loves anything to do with nails?? And yes, she did her nails herself!

J:  While I was adjusting my lighting and taking test shots, Jaymee would make funny faces at the camera!  When I look at these first 2 images, it makes me laugh.  And oh, the one on the bottom is the final image.

M: Jaymee is such a character. The images on the left and right were taken as I was adjusting my lighting. The one in the center was the final shot!

M: She has such a contagious smile. You can't help but laugh and smile with her.

M: So after the softball field, we headed to another location to show her "diva" side!

M: We ended the shoot back at her house. I mentioned earlier that she loves anything nails and I had to get shots of her nail polish collection. She had every color you can imagine!!

M: As we were packing up Jaymee's mom told us all about her accomplishments. Jaymee is an all-star! Look at this medal collection -- one word --- WOW!!!

M: Jeff and I had so much fun on this shoot. Jaymee is an all around sweet girl, super talented, and you can't help but fall in love with her. Oh and I thought it was cute that during the shoot she told me, "All my life I've wanted a photoshoot!" Well Jaymee, hopefully, we've made your first photoshoot experience a fabulous one. 

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