Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eddie, Kiley, & Evan - Family Session Teasers - San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

We shot Eddie, Kiley, & Evan's family photos back in December in Old Sacramento - it was rainy and everything was decorated for the holiday season.  Kiley wanted to get some summer photos of the family in Pt. Reyes.  For those of that have never been there, Pt. Reyes is beautiful!  Tons of places you can go to explore.  Kiley knows that place like the back of her hand.  The whole time we were there, she kept telling us bits and pieces of the area - so much so, that Marianne and I are planning to come back on our own and explore!

Below are the teasers from their family session.  Enjoy!

Jeff & Marianne

Okay, so what's a photo session with Eddie without a pest intervention?  Right after we start shooting, Kiley noticed a caterpillar on Eddie's shoulder.  Oh, and about the T-rex's cameo here?  Well, Evan LOVES dinosaurs.  According to Eddie, he knows his dinos VERY well.  Can't fool the little guy with an Allosaurus and pass it off as T-rex.  Ask Eddie.  

After we got the caterpillar off Eddie and it fell to the ground, Evan decided that T-rex was  Please note: no animals were harmed in the shooting of this family session (seriously).

Love, love, love precious moments like this...

There were a few sailboats that day at Pt. Reyes that caught Evan's attention.

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