Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Be Young and In Love ♥

How many of you remember going to prom?! Well, for me prom was many, many, many years ago. I actually enjoyed the proms I went to and it was a huge part of my high school experience. So taking photos of my cousin on the day of her first prom brought me back to those hs days. Oh to be young and in love! :) 

It wasn't planned to have me take photos that night. I was actually on my way home from the HHH Easter Event when I called my aunt to see if they were free to hang out. My auntie said, "Syd is getting ready for prom." I thought, "Prom?!? Is she really going to prom? OMG I am getting old!!" lol To make a long story short, I got to tag along as my aunt dropped my cousin off at her date's house. It was fun seeing her and her friends all dolled up. They looked absolutely fabulous!!! 
Oh and Syd thanks for being extra patient waiting for these photos. =) 

xoxo miyan 

My cousin and her date/bf. You know what made this night even sweeter?? 
He asked her to be his girlfriend. Ok, say it with me, "Awwwwwwwwwwww," 
like I said to be young and in love. ♥


The cell phones were definitely in use that night....Post to FB! Post to FB!! lol

It was definitely a family affair! 
I loved how the parents were so into prom and they were just as excited as their kids. 

My lovely cousin and auntie....

These two are definitely a good looking pair! 

 Wait, wait ... just 1 more picture! 

As the limo drove off into the fog, the parents wanted one photo before heading inside for wine and shots. lol 

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