Sunday, May 15, 2011

KoKo - San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

We were asked by B to take photos of her grandkids, whom she affectionately refers to as KoKo.  Marianne and I love taking family photos, especially of kids playing.  For me, it brings me back to my childhood - being carefree, playing on the slides, and just having fun!  It amazes me how much energy kids have, but then again, I remember my mom always calling me "malikot," which in Tagalog means "always running around, cannot keep still."  I might have ran all that energy out and got it out my system, because nowadays, I'm a pretty chill and laid-back dude (it could also mean my age...ha!).

Anyways, here are the teaser photos from that session!  KoKo took a minute to warm up to us, but soon, they hammed it up for the camera!  The biggest compliment came after our shoot, which they both told us that, "it didn't feel like we were taking photos.  It was fun!"  

That's why we love to do what we do. =)


Jeff & Marianne

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