Monday, May 2, 2011

A beautiful day out in Golden Gate Park...

Wow, we've been a little MIA for a minute (but for good reason)!!

A few weeks ago, Marianne and I had the pleasure of taking the White family's photos.  They came all the way from Sacramento to spend a day in the city.  As some of you may know, San Francisco weather is unpredictable - it can be in the 80's and sunny 20 miles away, but when you get into the City, it'll be totally covered in fog in 55 degree weather.  Some people say it's because of all the rice cookers in Daly City..;)

However, they totally lucked out, and we got to spend a few hours with them on a rare sunny day in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park.  Even though we captured some really great family photos, Donna and Andrew asked us not to post any with their daughter online.  Totally understandable!!  We respect our clients' wishes!  However, they did give us permission to post a photo of just them - so here's two:

During our shoot, I had a chance to speak with Andrew about the state of the construction industry in California.  Everyone knows that the economy sucks donkey balls, however, he told me that there's all these new regulations in California that make it hard for construction companies to purchase/sell heavy machinery that they have to take their business out of state.  Ohhhhh California, I love you, but sometimes, you amuse me.

On a side note, we're about to unleash an ONSLAUGHT of teaser photos this week and the next.  Why, you may ask?  Well, simply put, we both have been extremely busy (both academically and professionally).  Also, I'm VERY EXCITED to say that the wifey will be posting on the blog soon!  As some of you may not know, she also takes photos during our shoots and offers a different perspective, a different eye, to Delumpa Photography.  And yes, we also have something cookin' that we can't wait to reveal in a few months!  Stay tuned!  

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